Client Testimonials

We had never sold a piece of property before, but Mark helped us understand the process, professionally managed all the paperwork and was always available for any questions or concerns we had.  He possessed the expertise to accurately price the property according to the current market and in order to get it sold at the best possible price for us, had it listed in a timely manner and it sold quicker than we ever hoped and at a price that exceeded our expectations.

Mark was always available and helpful throughout the process.  Mark is the best!

Tina and Rod

Mark Dennys listed and sold my house in Gooderham in 2016. I could not have hoped for a better agent in all respects. Once we agreed to the parameters of the sale, Mark took over and I got involved only as needed. He kept me fully apprised of all activity and gave very careful and valuable advice when I asked for it. He always kept me on the right track.

Mark is very knowledgeable in the business of Real Estate. He was excellent at anticipating the needs of the sale so that no critical items were ignored causing delays or re-dos. He was always well organized both in planning and scheduling meetings well in advance and only when needed. He was always on time, and well prepared to answer all questions that arose. He allocated sufficient time to ensure that I had a clear understanding of the subject and its implications. This was very important to me as I was a first time seller and needed to have a trustworthy person in my corner so that I did not make bad decisions.

I would recommend Mark to anyone wishing to have a great Real Estate experience. I can without hesitation say I am satisfied with the outcome of the sale, learned a tremendous amount about real estate and had fun throughout the process.

Thank you Mark. Lorna

If ever there was a gem of a real estate agent to have, it’s Mark Dennys.

His professionalism, friendly attitude and honest approach in finding for us our house, here in Haliburton, is one to be emulated by everyone in any business.

It has been a true pleasure to have worked with, and known, Mark.

We would never hesitate to recommend him, highly, to anyone wanting to put their home on the market or find their special place in the highlands.

Thank you, Mark, for excellent service.

Sue and Rob

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