Buyers - Embracing our Community

I’m not only committed to helping you find the Cottage, Home, Waterfront Property or Vacant Land of your DREAMS, I promise to provide you with the very best of customer service and value so that purchasing your dream Cottage, Home, Waterfront Property or Vacant Land in Haliburton is a positive and memorable experience.

I know buying a Cottage or Home in a new community can be a little overwhelming for some people. I’ve represented many buyers and I understand the importance of integrating into and embracing your new community as quickly as possible.

Below, I provided a list (including links) which I hope you find helpful. You can also contact me any time. I’m always available to answer questions about our community.

County Resources & Links

County of Haliburton -

Haliburton Chamber of Commerce -

Municipality of Highlands East -

Township of Minden Hills -

Municipality of Dysart et al -

Township of Algonquin Highlands -

Ministry of Natural Resources -

Property Owners & Cottages Associations

Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners Association -

Canning Lake Property Owners Association

Drag & Spruce Lake Property Owners Association -

Glamor Lake Cottagers Association -

Gull Lake Cottagers Association -

Haliburton Lake Cottager's Association -

Halls & Hawk Lakes Property Owners Association -

Horseshoe Lake Property Owners Association -

Lake Kashagawigimog Organization -

Kawagama Lake Cottagers’ Association (w/Bear Lake) -

Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners’ Association -

Koshlong Lake Association -

Kushog Lake Property Owners Association -

Little Glamour Lake Cottagers Association -

Loon Lake Property Owners’ Association -

The Maple, Beech & Cameron Lakes Area Property Owners’ Association -

Miskwabi Area Cottagers’ Association -

Moore Lake Property Owners Association -

Mountain Lake Property Owners’ Association -

Paudash Lake Conservation Association -

Percy Lake Ratepayers’ Association -

Redstone Lake Cottagers’ Association (Bitter, Burdock, Little Redstone, Pelaw & Redstone)

Salerno (Devil’s) Lake Cottagers’ Association -

South Lake Association of Cottagers and Residents Inc. -

Soyers Lake Ratepayers Association Inc. -

Twelve Mile Lake & Little Boshkung Lake

Boat Launches - Haliburton, Minden & Surrounding Area

Map Link:

Basshaunt Lake Boat Launch No Motor Lake

Beech Lake Public Boat Launch

Big Bob Lake Boat Launch

Big Hawk Lake Public Boat Launch

Billings Lake North Boat Launch

Billings Lake South Boat Launch

Bitter Lake Boat Launch

Buckskin Lake Boat Launch

Burdock Lake Boat Launch

Clement Lake Boat Launch

Contau Lake Boat Launch

Cranberry Lake Boat Launch

Dark Lake North Boat Launch

Davis Lake Boat Launch

Devils Lake Boat Launch

Drag Lake Boat Launch North

Drag Lake Boat Launch South

Eagle Lake Boat Launch

East Moore Boat Launch

Elephant Lake Boat Launch

Esson Lake Boat Launch

Farquhar Lake Boat Launch

Glamor Lake Boat Launch

Gooderham Lake North Boat Launch

Green Lake Boat Launch

Gull River Boat Launch

Haliburton Lake Boat Launch

Haliburton Lake West Bay Boat Launch

Halls Lake Public Boat Launch

Head Lake Government Boat Launch

Ingoldsby Boat Launch

Kawagama Lake Boat Launch

Kawagama Lake Fletcher Bay Public Boat Launch

Kawagama Lake Public Boat Launch

Kawagama Lake Russell Landing Public Boat Launch

Kennisis Lake Boat Launch

Kennisis Lake Little Kennisis Lake Boat Launch

Kennisis Lake Red Pine Lake Boat Launch

Koshlong Lake North Boat Launch

Koshlong Lake South Boat Launch

Kushog Lake Buckslide Dam Public Boat Launch

Kushog Lake Walkers Line Public Boat Launch

Lake of Bays Trading Bay Public Boat Launch

Little Bob Lake Boat Launch

Little Boshkung Lake Public Boat Launch

Little Esson Lake Boat Launch

Little Gull Boat Launch

Little Hawk Lake Public Boat Launch

Little Redstone Lake Boat Launch

Lochlin Lake Boat Launch

Loon Lake Boat Launch

Maple Lake at Gull River Public Boat Launch

Minden Lake Boat Launch

Miners Bay Boat Launch

Miskwabi Lake Boat Launch

Monck Lake Westfall Lane Boat Launch

Monmouth Lake Boat Launch

Oxtongue Lake Boat Launch

Oxtongue Lake Public Boat Launch

Paudash Lake Inlet Bay Boat Launch

Paudash Lake Lewis Road Boat Launch

Percy Lake Boat Launch

Pine Lake Boat Launch

Redstone Lake Boat Launch South

Redstone Lake Boat Launch West

Rotary Park Boat Launch

Salerno Boat Launch

Salerno Lake Boat Launch

Stormy Lake Boat Launch

Tedious Lake Boat Launch

Wenona Lake Boat Launch