Prepare your cottage for winter: proper maintenance/storage of boat engines, boats & docks. Leave some matter in your septic tank since an empty tank could result in it popping out of the ground during spring flooding. Clear plumbing vent stacks & eaves troughs of nests/debris ensuring proper ventilation/drainage. Inside sensors help monitor variables such as moisture in the basement, smoke, sump pump failure etc, possibly preventing a fire/flooding. Burglars/vandals can be present in the winter when cottages are vacant. Consider remote cameras which you can monitor via a smart device or computer. You can also determine if there is a break-in or if a tree has fallen on your cottage. Motion-sensitive cameras send messages when anything moves within range. Camera presence can prevent crimes or assist police. Consider hiring a professional monitoring service or cottage watch. The presence of activity around the cottage can deter criminals and physical concerns may be recognized at the onset. CONTACT ME FOR ANY SERVICE RECOMMENDATIONS.

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